Angelic Awareness Therapy

Run over 11 weekends

2020 Course Dates to be announced

For all those who feel themselves to have an intuitive connection to the Angelic Realms. This course offers opportunities to explore and enhance these connections and to bring angelic awareness into everyday life. SEVEN SACRED ANGELIC ATTUNEMENTS will be given throughout the course. Each Attunement will connect the student with one of The Hands On Healing Methods gifted by The Archangels - CAMAEL, URIEL, RAPHAEL, HANIEL, MICHAEL, ARIEL and GABRIELLE.

Subjects included in this course: Angelic Reflexology, Angelic Massage, Angelic Crystal Healing Layouts, Angelic Meditations and Medicine Stories, Working with The Cherubim, The Seraphim, The Archangels and the Ascended Masters, Developing Angelic Sensitivity, Channelling One's Guardian Angel, Locating One's Angelic Name, Working with the Angels of The Elements, Visiting the Angelic Healing Temples of Light, Working with The Angels of Joy, Play and Happiness, Creating Angelic Dream Lists and discovering The Magic of Manifestation. Working with The Angels of Truth and Trust, Working with The Angelic Guardians of the Seven Sacred Directions, Sensing The Angelic Lightbody of Self and Others, Opening Angelic Portals for World Peace, Working with The Angelic Guardians of The Rainbow Healing Rays, Working with The Angels of Strength and Support, Working with Nature Sprites and The Fairy Kingdom, Working with The Angels of Love, Light, Peace and Wisdom, Working with The Awaiku (The Hawaiian Healing Angels), Merging with Angelic Sound, Visiting the Angelic Heart Healing Temple, Working with The Granny Angels, Learning how to give Angelic Readings, Working with The Angels of Expanded Consciousness, Giving and Receiving Angelic Healings - Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually - Working with The Healing Angels of Shambhalla.

Course Venue

Craigielands Mill Holistic Healing Centre
By Woodland Waters, Beattock
Moffat, Dumfriesshire
DG10 9RD



Upon successful completion of the first year, students will be qualified to licentiate level and may use the following letters after their name:

L.Angelic A.T.U.O.L (Licentiate Angelic Awareness Therapist Universe of Light)

Graduates of the second year may use:

Angelic A.T.U.O.L (Angelic Awareness Therapist Universe of Light)

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