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Zaria Et An
Natural Medicine Woman

Flower Flower Zaria

I believe that the power of Love is the most potent healing force in our universe. My aim is to honour the uniqueness of each patient and to fill their Hearts, Minds, Bodies and Souls with an abundance of Purest Unconditional and All Encompassing Love.
This will reawaken the Natural Self Healing Potential within each soul and support them until they return to Wholeness.
There is no pain that love cannot transform.

Zaria honours all of the medicines to be found within the natural world.
She treats each patient as an individual and teaches them how to reclaim their own Natural Healing Abilities by helping them to access the source of any manifesting symptoms. Each patient is treated as a whole being i.e. Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual and are gently supported - always from a space of truth, as they walk their own path back towards full Health, Happiness and Harmony.

Zaria manifested a fear-filled violent childhood which left her as an adult deeply wounded emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This came fully to the surface in 1988 when she manifested a complete immune system breakdown. At her worst, she was five stones in weight, her teeth were falling out, she was in constant pain and felt totally physically exhausted. Her G.P. and local hospital did not know what was wrong with her and she was prescribed high levels of antibiotics, which did not help. She felt angry, frightened and vulnerable, and knew that she was dying.

From this position, Zaria was guided to start helping herself. She remembered the crystals she had worked with as a child. She welcomed spirit back into her life. She changed her lifestyle, diet, way of thinking and way of feeling. She reclaimed her personal power and started to heal herself. This process took five years until she was pain-free, healthy and happy.

Zaria now offers to share some of what she learned during this experience with others. She never takes good health for granted but rather chooses to create good health on a daily basis and can teach the clients how to do the same.

Crystal healing Zaria in Greece Angelic Awareness Therapy

Healing work
Zaria doing Earth Healing Work on the Island of Kos

Treatments Available


Crystal Treatments

Using only natural crystals (the brain cells of Gaia, the spirit of the Earth Mother) all treatments are done with the client fully clothed in a warm and relaxing space.

Crystals may be placed upon or around the body. Crystals allow the client to absorb their mineral content, colour and healing vibrations. All Crystals contain a precise internal pattern of order and balance. These energy patterns can be utilised by a Crystal Healing Therapist to transform areas of chaos within each client, thus allowing them to restore order and balance within all areas of their life.

All Quartz Crystals have been scientifically proven to change the brainwave pattern of those who hold them in contact with the skin - from Beta which is where we are when we experience stress, into Alpha - the brainwave pattern associated with relaxation and inner peace.

Many clients experience feelings of warmth, tingling, joy, etc., and emerge from a treatment feeling cleansed, transformed and able to move forward with ease. Suitable for all disorders, imbalances or dis-ease whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

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Ascension Therapy

Anchored in Hawaii by Zaria in January 2001, this advanced form of lightwork involves 13 separate levels of enlightenment. Ideal for those who wish to become more Spiritually sensitive and more connected to their own Higher Self and their Divine Mission this Earth Walk.

Treatments are done with clients fully clothed; some involve the laying on of crystals, all involve the laying on of Healing Hands with the Ascension Therapist utilising one or more of the 13 different levels of Ascension Healing Symbols. Each symbol activates and awakens the client's etheric DNA and connects them with their initial starry blueprint of oneness, vastness, purity and loving light.

Each treatment allows the client to move deeper and deeper into their own soul's potential and to emerge more enlightened and aware.

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Angelic Awareness Therapy

Rich in the medicines of love, freedom and joy, these gentle treatments allow each client to reconnect with their own Angelic Support System.

Treatments are done with the client fully clothed in a warm and comfortable healing space; some involve the use of feathers or crystals, all involve the Angelic Therapist laying on their Healing Hands while channelling whichever aspects of the Angelic Realms are most appropriate for the client's needs.

Ideal for those who have manifested conditions of helplessness or hopelessness, those who feel isolated, abandoned or depressed. Excellent for all fear-based imbalances, food addictions, etc.

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Hawaiian Heart Healing

During each therapy session, Zaria will channel the Spiritual Essence of the client's Higher Self through her own heart. The Higher Self is the aspect of the client that is already fully healthy, happy and whole.

A trance medium, Zaria will then channel the Spiritual Presence of her own Hawaiian Healing Angels, Ancestors, Medicine Guides and Teachers. With their help and working under the guidance of the client's Higher Self, Zaria will place her sacred Hawaiian Totems of Pa Hoe Lava and ocean polished heart shaped coral into each of the client's hands. The client will then be guided by voice into a safe and sacred Hawaiian Heart Healing Space.

Zaria will then work her way around the client using her sacred Rainbow Feather Wand - cleansing, healing, weaving and harmonising wherever she is guided.

To finish she will place her hands upon the client's body - wherever she is guided - and fill their light body with the medicines of the Healing Pyramid of Hawaii (where rainforest, ocean and lava come together as one ) and with the joy and purity of The Rainbow of Aloha - that of purest, unconditional and all encompassing love.

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Reiki Healing Therapy

This gentle non-intrusive form of hands-on healing was rediscovered in Japan in the late 1800's and is believed to be the same form of healing that Jesus used in his treatments. Clients experience treatments while either sitting or lying comfortable within a warm and relaxing space. The Reiki Healing Therapist uses specific hand positions - activated with sacred healing symbols - to allow the client's immune systems (both physical and spiritual) to take all the healing energy they need. In this way, harmony and balance can be naturally restored. Both front and back of the body will be treated and many clients fall asleep during their treatment because they feel so relaxed.

Ideal for any stress-related imbalances, M.E., M.S., and immune system breakdown.

For Reiki Attunements and Training, please click to view the Reiki page.

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Karuna Reiki Healing Therapy

Karuna means compassion in action and many Reiki practitioners feel these symbols to be the feminine side of Reiki Healing Energy.

A very soft and nurturing healing energy of sweetness and self support is released with each symbol and each Reiki Healing Hand Position. Treatments as above.

Ideal for all conditions of bitterness, unresolved anger, resentment, rigidity, confusion, self harm, self hate, self doubt. A wonderfully pampering treatment and a deliciously sweet experience - like being energetically filled with liquid honey.

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Therapy Price List

All one hour treatments £50

All 1½ hour treatments £75


Full Therapy Pamper Days

20% discount on all Full Therapy Pamper Days (noon - 6pm). Only available for one client at a time.


To book a session of therapy, please call Zaria on 07919 421304

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