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Foundation and Philosophy

See the light...Enter the light...Become the light...and Shine

Established in 2000, The U.O.L. is a fully independent school of Natural Medicine, set up to support those whose Healing Work is more intuitively than intellectually based.

All courses teach students how to access the sources of any disease or discomfort, rather than just treating the manifesting symptoms.

All courses are Holistic, working with the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual bodies. The U.O.L. provides a safe and sacred space in which to develop more trust in your own perceptions, and more confidence in your ability to serve and support others and yourself.

All U.O.L. courses are designed to allow space for each trainee's own personal self healing issues to be explored. As we learn how to heal ourselves, so we gain a greater understanding of how we can help others to help themselves, so the blend of harmonious energies within us and around us becomes more potent. As we heal ourselves we also help The Earth Mother to heal herself. We are all interlinked.


All courses are designed to support and encourage each student, and to honour their unique spiritual perceptions, as they reclaim their birthright of self mastery and self empowerment.

Only when we fully love ourselves, are we ready to fully love each other.

One of The U.O.L.'s most basic tenets is that we trust and assume that all of our students carry amazing potential. And, that with a little support and guidance, they will emerge as proficient and empowered therapists. We also honour each soul who has the wisdom and the courage to make time for the next stage in their own self healing journey.

We honour the Medicines of openness, freedom, change, choice, flexibility, acceptance, truth, trust, love and intuition, and know that if you have been guided towards one of our courses - you are ready, and we look forward to sharing the journey with you.

All courses have been accredited by Great Spirit, The Earth Mother and My Own Heart.
Zaria Et An.

All courses are run part time over a 2 year period allowing plenty of time in which to absorb and process information gained and to practise techniques taught on each training weekend.

No qualifications or previous experience are necessary to enrol on any U.O.L. courses.


Course Tutor

Zaria Et An Astaria Shanti T.M.U.O.L., S.A.S.H., H.P.A.I., MNFSH, Reiki Master, Karuna Master,
Angelic A.T.U.O.L., C.T.U.O.L., H.H.H.T.U.O.L., T.M.IACHT.

Zaria was head tutor of the International Association of Crystal Healing Therapists Scotland from 1996 to 2002 and is a founder member of the Universe of Light.
She is a fully qualified Spiritual Healer with The Scottish Association of Spiritual Healers, the National Federation of Spiritual Healers & Healer Practitioner Association International.

She has been attuned to Master Level in the USUI / Universal & Karuna systems of Reiki.

Spiritually sensitive since birth, Zaria honours all the medicines to be found within the natural world. She serves as a bridge between dimensions and helps others to reconnect with their vaster selves. An inspirational speaker, Zaria aims to make a soul connection with every person she meets.
A great believer in Self Empowerment for all, she reminds us that good health is about so much more than just the absence of pain.
She teaches in the Spirit of Aloha (that of purest unconditional and all-encompassing love) and creates a safe and sacred space in which all students can explore and enhance their own natural healing abilities.

Course Venue :

Craigielands Mill Holistic Healing Centre
By Woodland Waters, Beattock
Moffat, Dumfriesshire
DG10 9RD

Course Details :

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  1. Crystal Healing, Natural Medicines and Psychic Development
  2. Ascension and Light Body Activation
  3. Hawaiian Heart Healing
  4. Angelic Awareness Therapy

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