Ascension and Light Body Activation

Run over 13 weekends

2020 Course Dates to be announced

For Light Workers who are ready to move to a deeper level of love, trust, humility and service.

Each weekend offers an opportunity for personal and planetary healing and reclamation of soul fragments.

13 sacred Attunements will be given - one on each weekend - fully awakening and activating the empowered Ascension Therapist which lies within each student.

Subjects included in this course: Activation, Cleansing and Balancing of the 13 Major Chakra Centres, Reclamation of the 13 strand Etheric DNA, Personal and Planetary Ascension process, Vision Quests, Exploration of Star Lineage, the Earth's Energy Grid and The Universal Energy Matrix, Ascension Layouts and Cosmic Crystal Configurations, Karmic Clearance Techniques, Light Body Activation and Etheric Empowerment, Opening Yourself as a Channel for Healing Light, Realignment of Physical Nervous System with Etheric Nervous System, Sacred Geometry, Mayan Medicines, Remembrance Of The Indigenous Ways When Every Path Was Sacred, The Secrets of Shambhalla.

Course Venue

Craigielands Mill Holistic Healing Centre
By Woodland Waters, Beattock
Moffat, Dumfriesshire
DG10 9RD



Upon successful completion of the first year, students will be qualified to licentiate level and may use the following letters after their name:

L.A.T.U.O.L (Licentiate Ascension Therapist Universe of Light)

Graduates of the second year may use:

A.T.U.O.L (Ascension Therapist Universe of Light)

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