Hawaiian Heart Healing

Run over 11 weekends

2020 Course Dates to be announced

"You are the medicine of the Earth and that medicine is love."

Receive the Attunement of Aloha and Open the Wings of Your Heart

Recently returned from Earth Healing Work in Hawaii, the heart of the Earth Mother - Zaria teaches others how to heal themselves and others using the spirit of Aloha.

World peace begins within our own hearts and the Earth Mother's Healing process is interlinked with our own.

We have all manifested experiences and learning opportunities which we have allowed to wound us. Zaria provides a safe and sacred space in which to cleanse and heal those wounds. She carries a powerful vibration of purest unconditional and all encompassing love and compassion for all beings, and has reclaimed her own past life in Hawaii. Her spirit of Aloha is strong and clear enough to fully activate the latent self healing vibrations which lie within the sleeping immune system of each student. As we awaken ourselves, so we can then serve to help others do the same.

All students will be taught how to utilise Crystals, Feathers, Flowers, Shells, Colour, Vibration, Sacred Chanting - Mantras, Sacred Movements - Mudras, Sacred Dance - Hula, Sacred Healing - Lomi Lomi, Sacred Hawaiian Healing Symbols, Spiritual Weaving, Medicine Stories, Shamanic Techniques, Ho'o'pono'pono and Meditation to reconnect with the 7 basic principles of Huna Medicine.

Ike: The World is What You Think It Is
Kala: There Are No Limits
Makia: Energy Flows Where Attention Goes
Manawa: Now Is The Moment Of Power
Aloha: To Love Is To Be Happy With
Mana: All Power Comes From Within
Pono: Effectiveness Is The Measure Of Truth

All students are asked to please bring a bunch of flowers with them to be used during each training weekend.

This experiential course involves a journey of Self Development, Self Healing and Self Empowerment, as one reconnects with the natural and transformational healing powers of Madame Pele (the Sacred Hawaiian Fire Goddess), and follows "The Practice of Paradise" - natural medicine ways - from the heart of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.

Awaken The Healer Within
Release Your Potential
Become Your Vision
Walk Your Talk
Serve In Oneness

Course Venue

Craigielands Mill Holistic Healing Centre
By Woodland Waters, Beattock
Moffat, Dumfriesshire
DG10 9RD




Upon successful completion of the first year, students will be qualified to licentiate level and may use the following letters after their name:

L.H.H.H.T.U.O.L (Licentiate Hawaiian Heart Healing Therapist Universe of Light)

Graduates of the second year may use:

H.H.H.T.U.O.L (Hawaiian Heart Healing Therapist Universe of Light)

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