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Comments from Previous Students


You are a wonderful soul sent to bring light, peace and happiness to everybody. You are love - lots of love.

Margaret S.-

The world needs more people like you. Thank you for a wonderful day.


You are an angel sent from heaven to heal the world. Thank you, thank you.

Pam (Reiki)-

Thanks, dear sister of Aloha, for the blessings you have showered upon me with your beauty, magic and LOOOOOVE! I feel empowered, happy at peace and ready to serve with the Reiki Love Light with the deepest gratitude and the greatest of ease! Thank you, thank you. I love you always.

Jules (Crystal Healing course)-

Zaria, what an amazing two years this has been. An incredible experience to share with you and the girls from Aberdeen. You are such a gifted teacher, Zaria, no one could have done such an incredulous and virtuous job. Thank you from the very core of my being. Love you always, beautiful Zaria.

Jen (Crystal Healing course)-

What a truly remarkable couple of years. Your teachings are remarkable. The love and support you have given me is unique. It has been an honour to have you as my teacher. Thank you - all my love.

Linda (Crystal Healing course)-

Dearest Zaria, My heart is full of love and gratitude for you and my Souls Sisters for this amazing journey of Crystal Magic over this last two years - where has the time gone? I have learnt so much and so much to go on learning, this is the beginning of new light footsteps of love and light and crystal. Never realised the extent and power of this amazing course. Thank you with love, gratitude and Buddah bliss. This is till we meet again. Blessed be - thank you, thank you, you amazing teacher. Crystal people, Fairy people, Angels, Goddesses - thank you.


The end of another year, Zaria - where do they go? Another amazing journey, this time working with the Archangels. I have loved every moment. Love you always.

Susan (Margo's Workshop)-

Thank you Zaria for a wonderful day and for your advice. Love and light be with you. Love.

Susie (Hawaiian Heart Healing course)-

Amazing as always I've grown again liking and loving me. Thank you eternally for your continued love of me.

Sharon (Hawaiian Heart Healing course)-

Beautiful Zaria - thank you for a wonderful 2 years amazing also everyone who also attended - totally transformational magical course. Loads of love.

Zoe (Hawaiian Heart Healing course)-

Gorgeous Zaria, this 2 year Hawaiian Heart Healing has brought more to me than I could ever have imagined. My love for myself has grown and for all humanity! I love you more than words can express - Aloah!! Beautiful goddess in the whole wide universe! You're my queen of light! Love you.

May (Hawaiian Heart Healing course)-

Thank you, thank you for being in my life, for being such a powerful loving guiding light for me. Since finding you I have grown and ascended so much. At times I felt I was going mad and went right into the fear and drama. And you never judged me - you loved me even more.
The best thing I have ever done in my life is to go on your course, for you are an amazing teacher and an amazing woman. You have taught me marvellous ways to be a therapist but also how to love and accept me.
When I look back at my life and how it was without your guidance and love, I bless the heavens above for the day you were born as you really are a gift from heaven. Thank you for all you have done for me and my kids - you deserve millions upon millions of blessings and more. Bringing this to you Zaria with all the love in my heart for I love and adore you always.

Suzanne (Angels & Buddhas & Oceans of Bliss workshops)-

Fantastic workshop - both days! Love you to bits. Wishing you and Paul a blissful 2010.

Ross (Angels & Buddhas & Oceans of Bliss workshops)-

Happy new year, hope you and Paul and animals have fantastic new year. Thanks for sensational brilliant incredible weekend. Lots and lots of love.

Lesley (Angels & Buddhas & Oceans of Bliss workshops)-

Happy New Year - absolutely the best workshop with you so far - everything has come together - fantastic. Love you loads and loads and loads.

Marsha (Angels & Buddhas & Oceans of Bliss workshops)-

Big thank you and hug.

June (Angels & Buddhas & Oceans of Bliss workshops)-

Thanks, brilliant Zaria. I have had a just empowering wonderful peaceful weekend. Lots of love, light and Angels.

Sandra (Angels & Buddhas & Oceans of Bliss workshops)-

Thank you so much once again for helping me to connect with that inner, peaceful, calm space inside myself. You are always a great inspiration. Love always.

Sylvia (Reiki I Attunements and Training)-

My beautiful Zaria, there are no words that can explain the Beauty and Magic of what has been done here today. I will always carry in my Heart and Being the Love and Joy that has been given to me today. My Journey now will be Joyful and Beautiful; through you I know Peace, Love and Joy. Thank you, my beautiful Zaria.

Jules (Crystal Healing, Natural Medicines and Psychic Development course)-

Thank you, beautiful Zaria, from the very core of my being, for being there for me and bringing me forward for the woman I want to be. Beautiful, magical and lovable Zaria, thank you so much. All my love.

Lyn (Crystal Healing, Natural Medicines and Psychic Development course)-

Zaria, you have brought such happiness and comfort to me in the year that I have been here. I have changed so much. You have given me the love, strength and support I needed to believe in myself and move forward with my life. To know you are always there to guide me is a great source of comfort and I look forward to my second year which I know is going to be even more amazing than last year. God bless you, you are a goddess in a million.

Linda (Crystal Healing, Natural Medicines and Psychic Development course)-

Thank you, beautiful Fairy Queen, for an Amazing Journey from the beginning of the year until now - I cannot believe our first year has come. I am totally honoured to be in this Special Sanctuary of Healing Space with you, Wonderful Magical Medicine Woman. I am so transformed into the person I have been looking for all my life! With much Love and Gratitude - thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Jen (Crystal Healing, Natural Medicines and Psychic Development course)-

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for all your help. I finally feel that I'm connecting with myself and learning to love myself for who I am. Lots of love.

Beth (Crystal Healing, Natural Medicines and Psychic Development course)-

Thank you, magic woman. You have helped me find my son and the courage to walk my talk. Couldnb't have done it without you. It has been an honour and privilege working with you. I may even come back for more!! Thank you. Love you.

Dean (Ascension & Lightbody Activation course)-

It has been truly an amazing journey. Transformational - no words can describe. I thank you, Zaria, very much and every one in the circle - you will remain in my heart for ever. Lots of love, Zaria, and thank you for changing my life for the better. Lots and lots and lots of love. Soul brother xxxxx

Cara (Ascension & Lightbody Activation course)-

Sacred soul sister Zaria, Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo, beautiful one for holding such an amazing gateway open for me to walk to my transformation. With love, gratitude, honour and respect always, amazing goddess of light.

Sharon (Ascension & Lightbody Activation course)-

Fantastic, mind blowing, transformational. Thank you for your very gentle power presence. Loved every minute - you're a great teacher, healer, friend. Love you loads - love and gratitude.

Rita (Ascension & Lightbody Activation course)-

Thank you for a journey filled with love.

Rachel (Angels & Buddhas - Journey into Bliss workshops)-

Thank you for an amazing and healing weekend. Phenomenal.

Claire (Angels & Buddhas - Journey into Bliss workshops)-

Thank you, Zaria, for a lovely magical weekend. Love.

Tracy (Angels & Buddhas - Journey into Bliss workshops)-

Dear Zaria ... Thank you, goddess. Love, Life, Blessing always.

Janice (Angels & Buddhas - Journey into Bliss workshops)-

Thank you for a lovely day of peace, love and joy.

Donna and friends (Angels & Buddhas - Journey into Bliss workshops)-

We have all had a fabulous, angelic and wonderful time, sharing, giving and receiving lots of TLC and love today. We will definitely be back soon. From all the Dundee girls.

Asha (Angels & Buddhas - Journey into Bliss workshops)-

You are very special Angel, Zaria, even though I don't come to the class. You are always in mind. Love always.

Lorna (Angels & Buddhas - Journey into Bliss workshops)-

Darling Zaria, you are such a beautiful sweetheart. I love you and thank you for everything.

Peter (Angels & Buddhas - Journey into Bliss workshops)-

Thank you, Zaria, for a lovely day, lovely seeing you as ever. More singing as a whole group - haha! Lots of love.

Joey, Rosie & Paul (Angels & Buddhas - Journey into Bliss workshops)-

Thank you so much for all the grace and peace you radiate.

Kirsty (Angels & Buddhas - Journey into Bliss workshops)-

Total bliss, very powerful, lovely experience. Thank you. Love you, Zaria.

Shirley (Angels & Buddhas - Journey into Bliss workshops)-

Thank you once more, Zaria - a wonderful day.

Ellen (Angels & Buddhas - Journey into Bliss workshops)-

I loved it, Zaria.

Sandra (Hawaiian Heart Healing course) -

Thank you so much for being one of the most influential people in my life. Words cannot really say how much you have helped and guided me to walk a path of inner peace, joy and happiness. It's been a very quick 2 years which I will benefit from for so many years to come. Thanks again for sharing your unique approach to spiritual development and life. Love always.

Liz (Hawaiian Heart Healing course) -

A million sparkling mahalos for opening your heart and inviting me in. It has been awesome to spend the past 2 years basking in the warmth of your heart rays whilst sharing your wisdom. I came to you at a time when I was happy - I have now reached a place where my life is filled with joy. I will never lose the wonderful connection that I now have with Mother Earth. An abundance of aloha blessing now and always.

Ruth (Ascension and Lightbody Activation course) -

Along a road less travelled, but what a road of learning and growing. The past year has allowed me to become who I truly am and take my place with all the others of the family of one, with dignity and humility and pride. It has taught me how not only to serve others but to serve myself. It has taught me how to love others, but especially myself. With love always.

Babe (Ascension and Lightbody Activation course) -

Wow, wow, wow! Thank you for showing me the meaning of being in service to others ... thank you for gifting me full permission to allow my wings to unfold and truly be who I was born to be, and shine my light and speak my truth, to acknowledge me and hold the space of such complete and utter unconditional love so that I may better serve in Great Spirit's name. The 1st year of Ascension has been mind-blowing and has created such an amazing ripple effect of living, ,loving, limitless potential in every aspect of my life. It has shown me how to hold space and compassion to my fellow brothers and sisters to a depth I never knew I had in me, and it keeps growing xx how fabulous xx. Zaria, you are the most amazing medicine woman I know - mahalo for all you are in my life, in Jack's life and for the healing love, sparkles and trail-blazing light you shine in this world and universe. Love, love, love you, sacred soul sister, always in my heart.

Alison (Ascension and Lightbody Activation course) -

It has been such an incredible journey. You have helped me grow in so many ways and on so many levels. The fear I had when starting the course has dissipated so much. You have given me so much courage and love to gift myself permission to love and trust myself. I have more to go on this life path journey but you have helped me make so many inroads to releasing my fears and growing to be the wonderful person that I now fully acknowledge that I am. Thank you for all that you bring. May you always be blessed. May you and Paul continue to grow together in the perfect way of love. Keep sparkling, gorgeous girl!

Liz (Hawaiian Heart Healing course) -

Maholo, dearest soul sister. I thank Great Spirit for guiding me to you. The year has been awesome as I watch my path unfolding. I look forward to next year. I'm sure Egypt would not have presented if I had not taken these steps in my journey. I feel that my physical and spiritual body is much more in tune and I feel spiritually and emotionally much clearer.

Alison (Hawaiian Heart Healing course) -

Thank you, Zaria. This course is totally different from anything I have ever done before! I am really enjoying it and finding that it is opening my mind and helping me to see the world in a much more positive light. I also feel a lot more confident in myself and feel much more self assured. Here's to the 2nd Year! Lots of Love.

Sandra (Hawaiian Heart Healing course) -

The H.H.H. course is helping me to focus on good feeling thoughts and how to deal with negative thoughts. Good lessons on compassion and kindness. Looking forward to the 2nd year; thanks, Zaria. Lots of love.

Steph (Angels of Buddha - a Journey into Bliss Workshop) -

Zaria lights all our hearts with love. We served together as one today to re-birth ourselves and the planet into peaceful perfection.

Elli (Crystal Healing, Natural Medicines and Psychic Development course) -

Thank you, Zaria, for being my teacher. You are wise, loving, compassionate and fun! I already knew this before I started this course but I could never have imagined just how wonderful the journey would be. I feel so lucky and privileged to be your student. Thank you from every particle of my being, with love, gratitude and rainbow dancing light.

Aileen (Crystal Healing, Natural Medicines and Psychic Development course) -

Thank you for being a caring, loving, nurturing beautiful teacher. Your energy is amazing and your compassion endless. Thank you so much for being my teacher on this part of my journey. Abundance and angelic blessings always - love, kisses and angelic rainbow sparkles.

Lorna (Crystal Healing, Natural Medicines and Psychic Development course) -

Thank you for all your love and compassion and joy and your self. You give us so much it makes me cry (again!). I have felt so completely loved and supported on this magical crystal journey. All my love always.

Rosie (Therapy client) -

Thank you so much, Zaria. I love you so so so so much, lots, lots, lots, lots, lots, and 10000 more lots of love. xxxxxx

Will (Therapy client) -

Dear Zaria - I loved it so much ... lots of love.

Jan (Ascension and Light Body Activation course) -

Zaria, words cannot be expressed to fully explain what an amazing person you are. Your energy in all your course weekends is well above the call of duty. I love all that you are and all that you do. You will always have a very special place in my heart. We shall be together soon. Love and Rainbow Living Light.

Sally (Ascension and Light Body Activation course) -

WOW - what can I say? To an amazing medicine woman who has so much love, knowledge, wisdom, intelligence and compassion flairing from her. May we all learn to treat our World better, and each other! (All creatures, either celestial, human, nature, mineral, etc. included here). Many thanks, Zaria, for having the patience, love and support in helping me through my Ascension process - I wouldn't have missed it for anything.

Gillian (Ascension and Light Body Activation course) -

Thank you for sharing all that you are with us and with all those who will cross our paths in the future. You are a truly generous spirit. Right now I can't quite comprehend where I am and what I have come from! But I will go home and give more thought to this. May you continue to wake each day with joy in your heart and dance in your limbs. With so much love and eternal thanks.

Alan (Ascension and Light Body Activation course) -

Zaria, what can I say? This has been the most wonderful two years of my entire life. You have brought me back to wholeness and my pathway which I always knew I had to complete. This has been a most amazing group and we have all grown in so many ways being supported by you and by each other. 'Thank you' seems so small a word. God bless you in all you do. All my love and starry blessings.

Jay (Ascension and Light Body Activation course) -

Just to say how honoured I feel to have been chosen to be in this discussion group. I have learned, healed and loved more each session. May your guides and angels always guide and inspire you. Love.

Jan (Ascension and Light Body Activation course) -

Many thanks for another special and unbelievable weekend. Thank you for everything you are and do, Zaria. Merry Christmas and see you soon. Love.

Jay R. (Ascension and Light Body Activation course) -

Thank you for taking me on this amazing journey.

Alan J. (Ascension and Light Body Activation course) -

Zaria, what can I say? You've shared your home, your heart and your wisdom unconditionally and with love - may all return to you tenfold - with blessings of love, light and harmony. Namaste dear spiritual sister.

Susie (Ascension and Light Body Activation course) -

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for everything you've given me. I'm in complete awe of your courses and your dedication to your mission. You helped me awaken and I'm forever in gratitude to you. Your soul sister ... sparkles.

Lesley B. (Reiki Level II Attunement) -

Words almost fail me. I struggle to find enough superlatives. I am ecstatic today - I can't write ... Thanks thanks thanks.

Joan (Reiki Level II Attunement) -

I've waited for this for so long and it went far beyond what I longed for. I feel like a great weight has been lifted and I'm ready to start my new life. Thank you Zaria.

Rach M. (Crystal Healing, Natural Medicines and Psychic Development course) -

My most sacred soul sister ... thank you, thank you, thank you. My gratitude is endless, not only for these two magical years of journey and discovery but for all of your magic, love, joy and understanding - you are truly an amazing being. I will carry this awakening knowledge with me always; learning to become a therapist with you is an experience I honour and will treasure for ever. Our connection always will be so strong. I think of you and send love to you every day. There are no words to describe how I feel. Mahalo to you, my family, my love.

Fiona B. (Crystal Healing, Natural Medicines and Psychic Development course) -

Wow! What a fantastic journey! Thank you so much for all your help, encouragement and guidance. You are truly special ! Lots of luck and love.

Jen C. (Crystal Healing, Natural Medicines and Psychic Development course) -

Thank you Zaria - you are AMAZING. Lots of love to you. I have enjoyed meeting all the girls on the course and growing so much in the last two years. Thank you.

Jan B. (Crystal Healing, Natural Medicines and Psychic Development course) -

Many many thanks Zaria for giving such special crystal course. I have more than enjoyed every weekend and with every weekend came more special things. I hope you have many more special years with all your students. Rainbow Reiki love and light.

Zoe T. (Ascension and Light Body Activation course) -

These past few years have been the most uplifting and exacting times of my life.. I thank you so much for all that you have passed on to me! You will always be in my life and heart! I love you Zaria ! xxx

Annemarie L. (Ascension and Light Body Activation course) -

This has been the most amazing journey I have been on these past 2 years and the journey goes on. Thank you for teaching me and helping me in transformation, releasing and the exceptional teachings. You are an amazing & lovable soul I will always have in my heart. Always Always in my heart.

Gail G. (Ascension and Light Body Activation course) -

This has been an amazing journey. I love and thank you from my heart. You will allways be part of my life for ever and always in my thoughts and heart. xxx

Chris N. (Ascension and Light Body Activation course) -

Thanks for the trip. A sister of love and compassion that is brought forward to all with understanding to their individual needs. My needs were many as I have now opened up to aspects of myself that could never be touched by anyone else. Thank you and all my love. Love. Love. Love.

Ava M. (Ascension and Light Body Activation course) -

Zaria - this journey has transformed me in ways I couldn't have ever fathomed. Infinite gratitude flows through me acknowledging the blessings I've received through all the Healing that has been offered. Your course has opened a myriad of gateways I didn't well know existed. That are no words that can encompass what I feel about the past 2 years. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love you.

Susie C. (Ascension and Light Body Activation course) -

Dearest angel - I love you. Thank you for helping me discover my potential, my soul and my connections to spirit and love. You've helped me beyond dimensions of words. Holding you forever in my heart - your friend always.

Sandra Q. (Crystal Healing, Natural Medicines and Psychic Development course) -

As the quote goes, 'you can see everything in life as a miracle or you can see nothing as a miracle'. Through this course I can honestly say I feel the former. Not only has it been extremely informative, it has restored a lot of my trust in life as an adventure that is here to be fully appreciated and enjoyed. Zaria, you have made me realise that self love and love of and for others is one of the main keys to life. Thank you for a totally inspiring course. Lots of love.

Betti H. (Crystal Healing, Natural Medicines and Psychic Development course) -

Before this course I'd learnt to walk, learnt to speak and even to cry, but now it's at its end I've learnt the most important thing from you, I've learnt to love. All my love for ever. xx

Sally M. (Crystal Healing, Natural Medicines and Psychic Development course) -

Zaria - thank you so very much for your patience, love, understanding, wisdom, encouragement. Thank you for helping me to begin my journey of finding 'my truth' - the reason for my earth walk. For reminding me how much loved I am by the universal energy and angels. That I am perfect just the way I am and that each day I can become more of a lightworker as I continue this journey that is my life, that I have a birthright to joy, love, happiness and abundance on all levels. I love you so much and hope one day to be able to tell you using my most precious and magical voice. Love to you and Paul now and always.

Suzi M. (Ascension and Light Body Activation course) -


Breige R. (Ascension and Light Body Activation course) -

Thank you for your love, light and truth. It has been a wonderful two years .XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Jan B. (Crystal Healing, Natural Medicines and Psychic Development course) -

Dear Zaria,
I feel so honoured to have found my way to you. I have enjoyed every weekend with passion, looking forward to the next. I am unsure where I am going in life but it feels I'm going in the right way for the first time in my life. Thank you for your teachings and patience. Love always xx

Freya M. (Crystal Healing, Natural Medicines and Psychic Development course) -

I feel immensely blessed to have been a part of this magical healing journey that has taught me so much more than I could ever have imagined. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your beauty, your light and your magic and for teaching us how to do the same. So, much love, honour and thanks for everything over the last couple of years - as ever - xxx

Ricarda K. (Crystal Healing, Natural Medicines and Psychic Development course) -

What another great weekend - I wished it did not have to end. Thanks for the course. All the love.

Helen C. (Crystal Healing, Natural Medicines and Psychic Development course) -

Where do I start? I signed up for a course and got a whole new way of living. The love you hold and give so freely helped me to replenish my aching heart and find a whole lot of love within myself. I don't have the words to express my gratitude but I'm sure you've felt it. Deepest love.

Diane T. (Ascension and Light Body Activation course) -

Thank you, 'Magic Woman', for all healing after 30 years of sinusitis - no smell, no taste - I'm cleansed, cleared and rebirthed at cellular level. My Asthma has gone, too! It's a miracle, Zaria. Mahalo - I can now smell and taste everything in this beautiful world. xx ........xx


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